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DITR Jewelry - ABOUT

At Ditr Jewelry, we believe that true beauty lies in the unique and natural qualities of diamonds and gemstones. That's why our jewelry collection is carefully curated to showcase the natural imperfections and unique characteristics of each diamond and gemstone.

Diamond in the Rough Jewelry, is the world’s leading Natural Rough Diamond Jewelry Brand. Inspired by the unique design of each rough diamond, we redefine perceptions of diamond jewelry by showcasing the inherent beauty of these gemstones in their untouched form.

The Story Start in 2003...

Diamond in the Rough jewelry collection was created in 2003 by Daniel Eskapa, a New York Designer that was partnered ASTRA Diamonds, a De Beers Sight-holder of over 30 years.

Our rediscovered

In 2005, Diamond in the Rough re-introduced the beauty of rough, natural diamonds into modern jewelry, quickly becoming the world’s finest natural rough diamond jewelry brand. Inspired by the untouched and unique shape of each rough diamond, the company creates one of a kind pieces unlike anything the world has ever seen before. Just as it was done so many years ago, the beauty of the natural diamond is celebrated and is never refined or changed from its original and perfect form.

Our Desire

In 2009 DITR Recognized the demand for unique engagement rings and wedding bands and we create The Bridal collection. Each piece is as one of a kind as the bride-to-be and is the answer for women who yearn to stand out from the crowd. The full collection is available exclusively through our website, which was re-launched in 2020 to assure your experience with us is as memorable as the moment you propose.

Every rough diamond is unique, just like human beings, no two rough diamonds are the same.

This means that each rough diamond has its distinct character and personality, which adds to its charm and appeal. Some rough diamonds may be more sparkling and brilliant, while others may be more subdued and elegant. Some may have a warm, golden hue, while others may be icy and colorless.

Rough diamonds are valued on their merit, and they are often collected and admired for their natural beauty. They are also used as raw materials for the creation of finished diamonds, which are cut and polished to enhance their beauty. The process of turning a rough diamond into a finished gemstone is a skilled and delicate craft, and it requires a great deal of expertise and attention to detail.

The rarity of rough diamonds is influenced by many factors, including supply and demand, market trends, and the quality of the diamonds themselves. Some rough diamonds are more valuable than others, and their value can fluctuate over time. However, the unique character and natural beauty of rough diamonds make them a timeless and highly prized possession. Whether you are a collector, a jeweler, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of these natural wonders, rough diamonds are a truly special and fascinating category of gemstones.


Our mission is to showcase not only the best natural rough diamonds in the world, but the best of the best.

Sourcing only the best

Diamond in the Rough is the only jewelry company that uses natural rough diamonds of this caliber and we pride ourselves in bringing only the finest diamonds to each of our clients. We only source conflict-free diamonds that are certified by the Kimberley Process. Ethical sourcing is the highest priority for us and you can rest assured when purchasing a piece of our jewelery.

We source the majority of our one-of-a-kind, conflict-free diamonds from South Africa Canada and Australia

Rough Criteria - Rough diamonds are a unique and fascinating category of gemstones that are prized for their natural beauty and inherent qualities. Each rough diamond is examined for its beauty, appearance, size, shape, color, and clarity. Characteristics within the diamond and on the surface determine its clarity.
The Carat: - To understand the rarity of rough diamonds, it's important to consider the various factors that are used to assess their quality. One of the most important characteristics of rough diamonds is their size. Larger diamonds are generally more valuable, but this is not always the case.
The Shape - The shape of the rough diamond is also important, as it determines the potential of the finished gemstone. Some shapes, such as round or oval, are more popular and therefore more valuable, while other shapes may be less sought after.

The Color - The colors of a rough diamonds are also an important factor in its rarity. Diamonds come in a wide range of colors, from colorless to yellow, pink, and even black.

The Clarity - In addition to size, shape, and color, the clarity of a rough diamond is also an important factor in its value. Clarity refers to the presence or absence of internal and external features that can affect the appearance of the diamond. These may include inclusions, blemishes, and others.

The Rough Diamond Assessment Criteria

The diamonds used in Diamond in the Rough pieces are evaluated on a variety of measurable factors including carat weight, color, and natural shape, but also on their inherent beauty and rarity in nature. Since each of our diamonds are one of a kind, they cannot be measured using a typical standardized scale. Instead, like a work of art, each diamond is carefully examined for its profound beauty and its occurrence as a natural phenomena.


Our unrelenting passion

Our love for natural rough diamonds and desire to help set every woman apart is the driving factor behind all we do. In a world of indistinguishable diamond rings, Diamond in the Rough strives to create pieces that are truly one of a kind and original. Our team is comprised of everyone from industry veterans and seasoned artisans to digital mavens and fashion enthusiasts. Our passion for our product and what it says about the person wearing it is what motivates us each day to continue to cross boundaries and challenge perceptions of diamond jewelry.

 DITR Jewelry meaning behind the name Ditr_Jewelry "Diamond in the Rough Jewelry" is that it represents the natural and raw beauty of diamonds and gemstones. The name is a metaphor, which means that the diamonds, gemstones and metals that used in the jewelry are in their natural state, not yet polished or refined. It encapsulates the idea that true beauty lies in the imperfections, unique characteristics and natural qualities of each diamond and gemstone. This is the philosophy that is at the core of the company, to showcase the natural beauty of diamonds and gemstones and create timeless pieces that are as unique and special as the person who wears them. The company's commitment is to provide customers with high-quality jewelry that is not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.

At Ditr Jewelry, we believe that true beauty lies in the imperfections and unique characteristics of each diamond and gemstone. Our collection is a reflection of our commitment to showcasing the natural beauty of these precious stones and creating timeless pieces that are as unique and special as the person who wears them.

Our jewelry is not only a representation of the beauty of natural diamonds and gemstones but also symbolize the beauty and rarity of love stories. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by our skilled artisans and goes through a rigorous inspection process to ensure that it meets our high standards, providing you with a piece of jewelry that is not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.


All Ditr Jewelry are One of a kind works of art. Creating a one of a kind Diamond in the Rough piece requires time and an unyielding dedication to quality.

We begin at the source

The first step in the creation of the ring is sourcing the rough diamond, which is always the focal point of the design. Since there are so few people in the world that have access to rough diamonds, we have the unique opportunity to acquire gemstones with different shapes and distinctive character for our clients. Whereas other manufacturers care little about the natural beauty of the rough (as they will later cut and facet the rough diamond into almost a completely different gemstone), our job requires much more time, patience, and artistic integrity. We examine thousands of rough diamonds to find just one or two that are naturally striking enough to to bear our name. Diamond in the Rough is the only jeweler to undergo such a painstaking process while others would pay very little, if any, attention to the stone’s natural beauty.

We examine thousands of rough diamonds for the most unique in color, shape and radiance and ultimately choose only a few to bear our name. We go through great measures to find only the best representations of natural diamonds to showcase in our pieces. We then study each individual stone, and a setting worthy of showcasing its brilliance is created in response to its natural characteristics.

Every piece is designed with a specific stone in mind

Our team reviews each individual gemstone, studying its unique texture, shape, color, and characteristics which drew us to it. Some diamond’s proportions lend themselves better to one of our bridal boutique settings than another, while others are so large or uniquely shaped that they deserve a design all their own. These exceptional stones ultimately become part of our “Exclusives” collection.

We draw our inspiration from the diamond itself, and carefully sketch designs that best showcase the diamond’s natural beauty. We examine the sketch to assess technical aspects like ratios, space, number of pavé diamonds needed, which side the stone will be set on, etc. and sometimes we may go through as many as 25 sketches before deciding on the final blueprint. Unlike traditional jewelry, every one of our settings is designed and hand-crafted uniquely for that stone. It is a much more labor-intensive process, but it yields extraordinary results.

The highest quality micro pavé diamonds

Many of our designs also include micro pavé diamonds. While many jewelers incorporate this technique into their designs to complement the center stone, few utilize pavé of the highest possible grade as we do. Our delicate and brilliant micro pave diamonds are the perfect complement to frame and showcase the uniqueness of each of our natural rough diamonds.          Truly, like no other

Knowing just how your one of a kind Diamond in the Rough engagement ring is made is important, but knowing that it will be a beautiful and unique symbol of your lifelong love is paramount.



Our sorting process is so discerning and so selective that even if every bride desired a Diamond in the Rough ring, it would be impossible to match every woman with a diamond that would be up to our standards further cementing the fact that each our rings are incredibly unique and special. Our jewelry is for the woman who is confident, sophisticated, self-assured, and a fashion leader. She is a lover of the truly unique, with her individuality ultimately reflected in her choice of diamonds.

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