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Creating Your Lifetime Jewelry Story!

Get Jewel is your destination for the finest jewelry collections. We are proud to bring you the most sought-after pieces from some of the top industry designers. We are passionate about providing our customers with the best possible experience.

From Mine to Mine Journey

Our story began over four decades ago, in 1978, when our family patriarchs Itzhak and his father Gabriel Yakubov embarked on an extraordinary journey into the world of diamonds. They started as a diamond producer until they become a diamonds trader.

When the Brothers got into the family business it was clear for them that they will be part of the diamonds industry. With thier passion for the diamond & jewelry industry led them to started the Journey into the Jewely Industry.

Introducing The Yakubov Brothers

The brothers of the Yakubov Group family who owned business in the Diamonds & Jewelry industry for over four decades deceded to bring to life thier vision for Lifetime Jewelry, in a new international jewelry website, that called Get

Our mission is to provide our customers personelized quality jewelry that is both unique and affordable, while offering exceptional customer service and a seamless online shopping experience. We are passionate about providing our customers with the best possible experience.

We showcases our extensive range of diamond jewelry products, with a focus on "Lifetime Jewelry " motto that symbolizes our commitment to being with our customers on their life journey. Our products are part of your life yourney and will stay for Lifetime.

At Get Jewel, we are guided by four core values that define who we are and what we stand for:


We are committed to crafting jewelry of the highest quality, ensuring that every piece is a work of art that will stand the test of time. We believe in the enduring value of well-crafted jewelry.


Authenticity is the essence of our brand. Our pieces are not just jewelry; they are a reflection of your unique style and personality. Each piece tells a story and holds sentimental value.


Authenticity is the essence of our brand. Our pieces are not just jewelry; they are a reflection of your unique style and personality. Each piece tells a story and holds sentimental value.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to make sure your experience with us is exceptional, from the moment you explore our collection to the day you wear your chosen piece.

Our Customer Journey

Lifetime Journey Program

"When you choose to purchase jewelry from, you're embarking on a lifetime journey filled with special memories. We believe that every piece of jewelry tells a unique story, just like you. That's why we prioritize our customers by placing them at the center of everything we do. Our 360-degree approach adds value and provides protection, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our basket of benefits includes a Lifetime Warranty, a 360-Day Returns & Exchange Policy, International Free Shipping, Personalized Jewelry and more... Learn More on our Customer Lifetime Care.


GEMMA Jewelry

Gemma Fine Jewelry Has Created A Cool And Luxurious Atmosphere Dripping In Diamonds As It Displays Variations Of Glorious Sparkle jewelries.

Diamond in the Rough Jewelry

All Ditr Jewelry are One of a kind works of art. Creating a one of a kind Diamond in the Rough piece requires time and an unyielding dedication to quality.


Founded in 1948 in South Africa, Pluczenik had rapid international development first in Antwerp, then New York in 1960 and both Tokyo and Hong Kong in 1977.

Queen's Hearts

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Yakubov Diamond Couture

Yakovov International Group, 3rd-gen diamond experts for 35+ years. We meet World Of Diamonds Bourses - WFDB stock exchange standards.

Environmental Responsibility is partner with who aims to reduce the demand for newly mined materials and contribute to a more eco-friendly market.

The traditional jewelry industry often relies on the mining of new materials, which can have negative impacts on the environment. Deforestation, water pollution, and habitat destruction are just a few of the environmental concerns associated with the mining of gold, diamonds, and other precious metals and gems. By purchasing pre-owned jewelry and recycling the materials, is able to give these items a new life and reduce the demand for newly mined resources.

Ethical Sourcing

At Get Jewel, we believe that ethical sourcing is essential to creating beautiful and meaningful jewelry. We are committed to ensuring that the materials we use to create our jewelry are obtained in a responsible and sustainable manner, and we take steps to ensure that our sourcing practices align with our values.

Private Meeting Available

New York - Customer Service
12 E 46th St 4th floor, New York, NY 10017, United States
Tel: +1-917-985-8482

Houston - Repairs Workshop
2401 Fountain View Dr #100, Houston, TX 77057, United States

Tel: +1 954-990-0011

ISRAEL - Production Workshop
Yahalom Tower - Israel Diamond Exchange, Ramat Gan, Israel.

Tel: +972-543975437

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