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The Ruby

The Ruby

Rubies, a captivating variety of corundum, are the radiant gems that enchant with their vivid red hues. Formed with a touch of magic deep within the Earth, the journey to find a perfect ruby involves delving into tons of rock material, uncovering rare crystals that possess the elusive qualities sought by gem enthusiasts. This blog unravels the secrets of rubies, exploring their origins, characteristics, and the nuances involved in selecting these precious gems.

Origins and Sources:

Pure corundum, the parent mineral of rubies, lacks color. The striking red hue of rubies arises from minuscule amounts of chromium, a trace element. Most rubies hail from two primary sources: the historic mines of Myanmar (formerly Burma) and the vibrant landscapes of Mozambique. Burmese rubies, revered for their historical significance, set the standard for this gem, while Mozambique rubies present a distinct allure with darker and clearer appearances.

Choosing the Perfect Ruby:

Selecting an ideal ruby poses a delightful challenge. Attaining perfection in color, clarity, and cut, especially in sizes exceeding a carat, proves to be a rare feat due to the scarcity of untreated stones (over 97% of mined rubies undergo treatment). The Natural Ruby Company, guided by the principles of the 4Cs (Color, Cut, Clarity, Carat Weight), assists enthusiasts in finding the ruby that aligns with their preferences.

Exploring Ruby Color:

Ruby color, a spectrum ranging from pinkish red to purplish red and orangish red, defines the gem's allure. Desirable ruby colors exhibit strong, pure red tones with a hint of purple. The debate between "pink sapphire" and "ruby" nuances is a fascinating facet of the gem industry, where individual stones' unique combinations of colors spark discussions worldwide.

Deciphering Ruby Clarity:

Ruby clarity, a crucial factor influencing its value, varies from transparent and clean to inclusions that shape its character. Inclusions' type, location, number, and size dictate a significant portion of the gem's price. Understanding the interplay between inclusions and clarity aids in appreciating the uniqueness of each ruby, whether hidden at the girdle or subtly gracing the stone's edges.

Unveiling the World of Ruby Heat Treatment:

Heat treatment, a common practice in the gemstone trade, enhances the color and clarity of rubies. Over 95% of mined rubies undergo this treatment, providing stability and permanence to the gem. The Natural Ruby Company emphasizes transparency in disclosing these treatments, ensuring that enthusiasts make informed choices.

Lab-Created vs. Natural Rubies:

Natural rubies, formed over millions of years under intense heat and pressure, are rare and carry a mystique. On the other hand, lab-created rubies, grown under controlled environments, offer identical chemical compositions and physical properties. The rarity and imperfections of natural rubies contrast with the controlled perfection of lab-created counterparts, sparking discussions about affordability and desirability.

Unveiling the Ruby's Inner Beauty:

Beyond the 4Cs, appreciating the inner beauty of rubies involves understanding their crystal structure and unique features. Ruby hues range from pinkish-red to purplish-red, with variations influenced by chromium content. The presence of star rubies, a phenomenon where a star-like pattern emerges under light, adds a celestial touch to these enchanting gems.

As nature's crimson treasures, rubies continue to captivate hearts with their brilliance and allure. Whether sourced from the historic mines of Myanmar or the vibrant landscapes of Mozambique, each ruby narrates a story of rarity and beauty. The choice between natural and lab-created rubies reflects the evolving preferences of enthusiasts, where both options bring their unique charm to the world of gemstones.

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